Sunday, April 22, 2012

I Swear ...

What's with men and swearing ?? Why can't a sentence be complete without a abuse embedded in it ? I just don't understand.Earlier i thought it was just straight guys who have the innate need of adding abuses in their dialogues but as it turns out gay men are no exception.I used to think maybe they just do it out of habit but i later realized (at least among Indian men) adding abuses to you script just shows your frankness and affection to your blokes. What i fail to understand is how passing indecent remarks for your mother or sister (most common Hindi abuses are mother f****r and sister f****r) can show your affection ? Men usually don't abuse when in company of women. So i always try to be in a group of mixed gender just to spare my ears the torture. Many a times men use abuses without even knowing the meaning which i found rather funny :D, let me share an incident.

There is a prominent Hindi slur which basically means to f**k your behind. Once when i was with a couple of straight people,a sad story of  a guy (unknown to the gathering) was being shared, apparently the guy was raped in jail by one of the inmates and was infected with HIV. So couple of guys from the gathering questioned how the guy could have received the virus since there can be no penetration between men.It suddenly hit me that how uneducated straight men are about alternate sexuality. I tried to explain to them about anal sex and then asked them, the abuse you throw around so much what do you think that means ? At this the guy replied 'oh !It refers to f***ing the ass, i thought it just meant spanking your behind'. At this most of the gathering burst out in laughter.

 Most people might argue what's wrong in using the abuses among friends if its not meant in the insulting way, my question is why to use them if they are not meant for the purpose they are coined for, to abuse !


  1. commendable thougt!!

  2. I am using bad words as seldom as possible. Especially in persons. Only moment I use them: My computer does not do what I want him to do.... aish... all humans have their weak points.

    1. Tony, I am glad to know there are men out there like you who don't use them for people at least !