Saturday, April 17, 2010

Apple Of My Eye

This is a series of posts where i would like you to know about any particular hunk or some cute guy from the public domain who just make me, as britney puts it ' CRAZY ... ' :D . Also find what i rate him on my special meter called  the 'Apple Meter'.  


Well the guy who caught my attention from a film poster of a tamil movie is Shiv Pandit. As I found out he is a dilliwala (i.e. a delhi guy for those who are not famliar with that vernacular) who had many stints in the entertainment industry  starting from a radio jockey in radio mirchi to a policeman's character in the comedy series FIR on Sab Tv to hosting some IPL show , as i'm not into cricket i didn't have the opportunity to catch him there . He also did anchoring for the Indian version of 'Dancing with the stars' called Jhalak dikhlaja but he was later replaced by someone else it seems.

Then his break in movies came with a not very popular film titled ' Aage se right' , although i had seen the movie but he didn't catch my eye back then but some thing about him in the film poster of Leelai (the tamil movie i referred earlier) has made me all ga ga about him.

Now Rating shiv on apple meter, Shiv gets himself a delicious 3 on 5  


  1. Photoshop? ;)

    Kidd'in!! He is really good i LOVE ur apple meter!

  2. Ya he is truly an eye catcher ,and ya apple meter i also love it :D