Sunday, April 17, 2011

Please Don't stop the music !

Those are the very words i wanted to tell the DJ last nite. After wining about my life in my last post i decided it high time i crossed of something from my long list of dreams. So finally went to a gay party pub yesterday night and danced my behind off :). It was an amazing experience . Got to saw so many good looking guys, guys making out on the floor , everyone just shedding their inhibition and being themselves. I also let myself loose and for the first time i got to be myself as well where i didn't have to think of anything.I must admit i was very nervous and scared at first because i haven't been to any pubs and the first time is always scary. The excitement however was so overwhelming that i kinda forgot about my fears.

Although i had thought i might get approached by someone, its an another story that i would not have gone through with it because i already have someone in my life but anyways it would have been so exiting but i guess that was stretcthing my luck to far, so although no one hit on me i was so engrossed in dance i did not care. It was like being in Babylon from QAF although not as fabulous as it but this was closest i could get to to my dream.

Finally i can cross one thing from my list grooving to the 'thumpa-thumpa' :)


  1. you have any idea how many people want to grind on the dancefloor with their bf?!

    Like a million!

    U got to do that!

    That's more than enough for anyone!

    Good to read about u having a great time!

  2. I know.. i so wanted my guy to be there... i missed him like hell wanted him to be there with me but he is far away :( nyways thanks i had a fun time dancing ...