Sunday, May 30, 2010

Blast From The Past

We all have memories in our lives some which we cherish some which make us shudder and then there are somethings or someone who just brings a mix bag of emotions, a martini of love & hatred. Something similar happened to me a few days back with me when some one (and by this time if you have been reading my posts you must know it is a guy only i am talking about :D ) came as a blast from the past.

Let me rewind the time (i wish i could go back in it but alas physics still hasn't cracked that code yet ! ) and take you four years back when i started my college life. It was the first day of my college , i was nervous that day, thinking about the new people i was going to meet, if i would be able to make some friends.So on my first day of college i met Mr. V, Mr. J and Mr. L .Mr V was an eye candy with his fair skin, perfect cheek bones and a cute puppy smile, thats why i had decided to walk up to him and introduce myself but alas he was in a different section ahhh my dream of watching him all the time shattered, Mr V introduced me to Mr J and Mr L who were in my section. J and L knew each other from school they were below average in looks but i loved Mr J's Height, he was tall. I hit it off with both of them very easily all thanks to Mr J who is one of the most easy going and kind hearted person i have met in my life. I will pen down about Mr J some time else, this post's protagonist is Mr L.

As time flew me and Mr L became close friends. Although to him it was friendship, i on the other hand had found new meanings for 'friendship'. We had long chats in night on the phone, he used to talk about his past and I used to blabber about mine , most of the times he slept bored of my sound and i used to enjoy his snores on the phones for a while. I was enjoying all the attention i was getting from him and things were going wonderful. I was falling for him knowing at the back of my mind that he will never fall for me because i knew he was straight , siting together in class, going together for lunch , I even joined a tuition class so that i could be with him on weekends.Oh i was obsessed with him no doubt in that. Our 'close' friendship was attracting some unwanted attention.

One night i called him up as usual for our night chat and Mr J and another friend Mr T was there too, they were getting drunk as i realized later.Not caring of whom is there on the other side i started talking to L but after a while J took the phone and was talking nonsense. I got irritated and disconnected. But i couldn't resist completing my chat with L, so i again called him up. L took the call but lost it to T this time, I again hung up. This went for couple of times and finally i gave up. Next day in college as usual i was waiting for L to show up so i held the seat next to me for him. He came late, already the class had started and sat on a desk on the other side of the room. I was puzzled , did i do something wrong ? why didn't he even wave me a good morning. Was it the lat night's episode. Did i cross a line ? With all these questions in my mind i waited for the class to get over and to confront him with some questions.

To Be Continued....


  1. J and T can be replaced by actual names, no harm done!!

  2. @sutirtho

    Thanks for your feedback...

    mmmm ya could have but i didn't wanted to give out the names and didn't want to have fake ones either so just kept it to the first letter of the real names . :D

  3. I agree with Suthirto, makes reading ur choice! ;)

  4. Hmmm well there's only me and L in the story , and i think L is a cool name may be i should change the spelling to Elle to sound it more like a name :D