Saturday, June 12, 2010

Blast From the Past continued ...

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As the bell for period rang i rushed to Mr L with all the questions on my mind. As i was approaching him i felt a bit of fear within me. What if all that i was thinking is true ? will Mr L stop interacting with me ? How will i survive without talking to him. I got to the desk he was sitting and he looked up. I wished him the usual good morning, i figured to keep it normal and not attack him with all the things in my mind. May be nothing had happened, may be he just sat there because he was late and wanted just to sit and that seat was close to the door anyways. He responded back with just his eyes , it was his 'so whats new' look ,(ya i had named his looks , i was obsessed with him). I felt a relief, i thanked god, all was right, so i thought. A few days passed and our talks continued on the phone in night and we started hanging out with each other on weekends bunking our tuitions.

As i boarded my college bus one day i heard from a friend that a staff from our college had passed away in a bike accident , I didn't exactly know who he was but i had seen him around the college. I felt sorry for the guy, anyways when we reached the college the news was buzzing among all. Even before we could get to our classes we were asked to assemble in front of the chapel in our campus.Our manager who was also the pastor at the chapel made a small prayer for the soul of the deceased staff and declared the day to be a holiday for the mourning.I thought wow a day off, i mean i did feel sorry for the guy but heh it got me one boring day off from college.

I was on the bus back when i heard Mr L on bus, i was surprised because he usually traveled on another route i went to him greeted him and asked him where is he going ? He told me he was going to a college friend's new house and they were going to have a 'house warming' party, pointing to a guy from another branch. I was like why wasn't i invited but finding my ego in my way didn't say anything just smiled and was going back to my seat when Mr L. asked "You want to come along ?" I was so elated that My Mr L never forgot about me.No one was expecting me back home till evening so why not, plus i will get to spend more time with Mr L, I agreed and we got down and went to the new house. We were the first ones to arrive with the guy whose house it was.The house was locked and the guy with us opened the door. " You guys have not moved in yet ?" i asked. "No the pallu kachu has not been done yet " came the reply.

Pallu kachu is the hindu malayli version of house warming where all sort of prayers are done which is followed by the lady of the house carrying first vessel of milk to be put on the kitchen stove and let the milk skimmer. If the milk topples over the top of the vessel it is supposed to bring lots of good fortune to the house.The house was beautiful no doubt. As we entered i noticed some bottles of bear on the table right in front of us. Then it suddenly hit me its a booze party oh god how am i going to handle this i don't drink, boy it was going to be torture why didn't i think of it earlier i was cursing myself. Mr L knew that i don't drink why did he invite me to this then ?

Mr L might have seen my uneasiness he told the guy that Mr L and i are going for a walk till rest of the guys come. The vicinity of the house was very clam and peaceful , with all the tall coconut trees around swaying in the gentle breeze.The whole place felt so cool even in the middle of afternoon. Mr L and i walked for a while, i was silent thinking how will i handle things at the party. "You know you should have more trust in me" came a statement from Mr L. I got my senses back and gave Mr L a puzzled look. "I knew you wouldn't be much comfortable around drunk guys but still i wanted you to come here" replied Mr L to my questioning look. "why ... " i couldn't even complete my sentence when Mr L continued "I want you to fit in with the regular guys, you know people say that your behavior is different, i don't want to hear that from anyone. I want you to be more like normal guys, thats why i wanted you to be here so that you can understand how regular guys are. ".

I was taken aback by this sudden revelation.I knew i wasn't like other guys although i didn't flaunt my sexuality but neither did i act straight, i tried to keep it neutral always, i didn't know it had came into anyone's attention."I know i am different L but thats the way i am and i thought you liked who i am." i replied to L."I do respect your individuality jits but ....", "But i am not good enough right ? to fit in" i was furious , "i thought every person has the right to be what they are , i don't care what people think L, but your opinion it matters to me a lot L If you think i am not good enough then lets stop our friendship right here right now." I could feel tears filling up in my eyes so i broke the eye to eye conversation we were having and moved a few paces ahead of him just to get a grip on myself. There was a moment of silence and i could hear only the leaves around us swaying. Mr L came up to me and held my hand, a chill almost ran through me when i got to feel his palm in my palm . "You are such a drama u know that , you should try in daily soaps i am sure you would make a good earning" said Mr L with his electrifying smile.I was floored to the ground and started laughing.

"Come lets go back to the party we will talk later" said Mr L , he didn't let go of my hand and i was enjoying each step i took with him although the conversation we had was coming back to me again and again, i pushed it back so that i could manage the drunken goons i was going to meet back at the house.

To be continued ...