Saturday, September 24, 2011

Apple Of My Eye

Time to add another exquisite piece of nature to my list of AOME. This time around again its again from the entertainment industry. I got to watch his debut performance in an Indo-Canadian film venture titled Breakaway(aka Speedy Singhs). The lead role played by Vinay Virmani just made the film worth my money. I must say the motion picture in itself was not captivating but who cares when you have someone like vinay on screen.

Vinay an indian basically, who grew up in canada is son of a of business tycoon. Vinay who also penned down the script for the movie sports a stubble thorough most of the movie which all the more adds to his appeal along with those innocent eyes and a charming personality.

And as always how can i miss the aspect which appeals to me the most, now now hold on to your wild imagination, I mean his charming and captivating smile. Every time i saw him smile on screen i had a wide grin on my face as well, which my straight friends who were along side were quite curious about :P. Vinay's acting skills, well he need to brush them up more, if he wants to make it to mainstream Bollywood cinema which is his dream according to his interviews.

Vinay is supposed to be the protege of Indian superstar Akshay Kumar who also is one of the people pumping the mullah into the film and had a cameo in the film along with International artist Drake, Ludacris and the hilarious stand up comedy king Russel peters.

Although i had expected a shirtless scene in the locker room since it was a movie based on the game of ice-hockey there were none to my dismay :(

Now to rate vinay on my apple meter.
I give vinay from canada  mouth watering 4 apples.


  1. hi vinay,this is your biggest fan from india i like u very much u r charming,cute,loveable and just fantastic

  2. Mr anonymous i'm not very sure if the message will make it to vinay :D but anywho if vinay does read this sometime i'm sure he will also thank you.

  3. jits k it is a girl and i am from india

  4. can i get his phone no. plz

    1. If i has his number miss i would have called him up myself. sorry to disappoint you sweetheart but i aint got his number.

  5. Replies
    1. Well then my apple rating agree with you ;)