Sunday, July 10, 2011

Be a man !

"Oooo SHIT !!" ...

The sounds are still buzzing in my ears. Had my first car accident yesterday last night. Thanks to someone up there who still loves me no one got hurt. Well except for my poor car ofcourse. Although i am a careful driver but i must confess i have been pushing the limits of speed on the road.Yesterday however was not all my fault or at least i believe so. It was late night, me and a friend of mine were returning from attending a wedding. We were cruising at the speed of 70 Km/hr, a truck was coming on our side in the wrong direction and the lights were blinding my sight. I avoided the truck and and saw a turn up ahead in the road. There were no street lights as well were on the out skirts of the city. As i was following the turn in the road i realized that the curve's radius is not as small as i expected and the left side rammed the footpath. The car for a second flew in the air and landed heavily on the left side although on four tyres (thank god it did not tip over).

As i stepped out and inspected the damage i realised that on of the tyre is bust. I thought well its alright we can change the tyre there is an extra in the trunk. But neither of us me or my friend had ever changed a tyre except probably watch someone do it. I know i am not a manly guy and although changing a tyre might not be a very masculine job but having never done it before i was very clumsy and could not even loose the bolts of tyre. My friend (a straight guy of course) stepped in and passed the comment "dude put some power in it". "Go ahead my gym freak" i retorted with a smirk on my face. Well thank god again he was there because i myself could not have done changing the Tyre, i mean lets be serious i can become a total female when it comes to cars (except for driving maybe) although we changed the Tyre but car was having trouble driving. The car steering had developed a slant to left and was going to left all the time and the shock absorbers had probaby broken because every bump on road was being very hard on the a** and not in a way i would prefer.

All the way i was tensed about how i would tell my dad and me and my friend were discussing that how i am gonna be grilled at home.In the midst of which i finally asked if anything had happened to him ? If he got hurt or anything.Thankfully the answer was no. I was lucky not to that much heat back at home. My dad was just happy that no one got hurt. I was not able to drop my friend till his home and he boarded a auto from half way. I messaged him to let me know whenever he reaches his place. He did message me and wished me good night. I replied him back that its gonna be a horror night for me :( , for which came the reply 'Already feeling sorry. You gotta take it like a man. At least nothing happened to us'. I don't know why but the statement 'take it like a man' just got stuck with me. Its been upsetting me the whole day probably because that is something i have been trying my whole life.

I have always been the more sentimental, feeling timid, not getting into fights kinda boy. I may never have the masculinity that world expects from me. And to get it from my friend (whom i had a crush on for a while now ) just triggered a memory of college when L used to say the same thing. 'Be a man' ! I had thought i had come to terms with who i am but surprise surprise I'm still not at that place. Boy when will i ??

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