Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bad Streak

First of all , a very Happy and prosperous New Year to everyone out there !

The year went by was something of a roller coaster ride for me. I went from being at the pinnacle of happiness to the depths of mourning, from being single to committed and then miserable after the breakup. I also grew stronger, discovered traits in my character previously unknown. Got myself in an accident twice and survived without any scratches.  As the year came to an end i had mixed felling but then on the penultimate and on new year's eve a bad streak of luck just made me thankful that the year is finally bidding farewell.

1 day to New Year
Got off early from work and boarded a bus for a 5 hour long ride back to hometown for new years. Boy it was crowded and just when hoping some hunk will sit next to me a girl , a pretty as well came and sat next to me. Men around were checking her out for sure. I on the other hand had no interest so just went to sleep. I woke up with a sudden forward thrust only to realize the bus was putting on its breaks and then a loud thud from the front of the bus. We were involved in a accident with another public transport. Luckily i was not hurt unfortunately i cant say the same for the rest of the population on the bus. There was blood all around with people bleeding from their noses because of the sudden impact. The girl next to me was in pain as well, as i tried to clam her down my mind went to thinking what next ? How to get out of here, the bus was in no condition to transport anymore. We got down from the wheels of misfortune and looked for our alternatives after the ambulance and authorities arrived. The girl (being a girl) got a lift from a couple going in a car while others tried boarding the next bus which was passing by the highway in middle of nowhere. It was too crowded for me to make an attempt with bags in my hand. I tried my hand at getting a lift but all in vain. Then after 1 hour of waiting on the road in middle of nowhere i told myself to get into the next bus no matter what and i did finally reached home after a journey longer than what i had expected, thanking the god almighty that once again i survived a crash without getting hurt.

New Year's Eve
Finally at home still trying to get over the exhausting previous day of misfortune i got myself ready for a date with a guy i was in touch for sometime now. I met the guy , he seemed decent, well dressed and not bad in the looks department as well. We started chatting. Sat down to have a snack at an eatery in one of busy markets of the city. After getting to know each other it was time to say goodbye so i got up went to restroom leaving my jacket at the table. When i came back the guy had vanished with my jacket. First i thought maybe he stepped out so i tried calling his number but it went to voice mail. Then it hit me i had been mugged. I know i should be thankful it was just the jacket but still i am still confused why the guy put in effort of keeping in touch via text and calls just to meet and flee with a jacket. May be was just a kleptomaniac !

So that's how i ended my new year avoiding major disasters and getting robbed. I just hope the new year brings some good luck with it for me.

Happy Freaking New Year !


  1. Hey dude.. u have become accident prone or what.. take care of urs.. and hope the rest of the year brings prosperity and luck to you.


    1. Thanks yugyag for the wishes i hope it does bring a better time.

    2. OMG.....u were having really bad time....take care....hope thngs are bttr now...