Sunday, March 18, 2012

Opening Up !

Indian conservative society sure seems to be opening up to new horizons. I recently saw this ad in few of the leading dailies in India, It was hilarious, provocative and off course appealing to me as a gay guy, i mean why not it had well chiseled men in it.Although some call it obscene and vulgar, i just think it was funny and need to be taken in that stride. Which section of  consumers is this ad targeted ? I am still not sure but as a gay man i sure enjoy my eye candy ;) .

The striking down of 377 by Delhi high court sure was a landmark judgement and after that the society sure seems to be more tolerant. I agree we still have a long way to go to be accepted in the society but at least we don't have to live in fear now. Another news which made me all joyful was  'I am' winning the national award. Its based on one of the people who i admire the most, Harish Iyer. Vidya Balan was also decorated with the award for Best Actor (female) another personality i am in love with.

The movie by Onir who has made sensible movies related to gay issues like 'My brother nikhil', and I am consisting of four stories with one being related to gay issue just goes out to show that even Indian Cinema is acknowledging the gay presence. I came across the following news as well which opens up another shirt's button worn by society, so to speak ;). A mall exclusively for transgenders, wow that's bold !

Well those were the candies now for the cough syrup, i did come across the following article as well regarding a bunch of religious extremists and so called moral police challenging the Delhi Court's reading down of 377.

India which sure is a land of paradox what does the gay culture has in-store god only knows but here's hoping a brighter future.

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