Sunday, July 15, 2012

Random Act Of Kindness

I have to admit i am not much of a person who loves kids. I prefer to admire the cuteness of a child from a distance. Having said that i wont say i don't have parental instincts, i would love to be a father someday, shoulder the amazing responsibility of this amazing life, to keep this life before yours and give it all the love and care. Still at the moment it seems far fetched , i think i am more self obsessed currently. So why am i talking about kids all of a sudden, well the a month back i came in touch with an NGO which works with kids.I got intrigued as it aligns you (as a donor) to a single child to whom your contributions are directed for, it was just a random act of kindness, I did my bit and i got details of my child (figuratively speaking).

Her name is Mary, she is a slum kid from the town of Vishakapatnam, India.Her father a day labor and her mother picks rags for a living.They have problems making ends meet.Even putting food on the table is an enormous task for them let alone afford education. Even clean clothes are a luxury.It just made me realize how blessed my childhood was, my family was able to provide me all the basic needs but still i used to crib about things i did not have. One needs to be thankful for the things one has !

The organization keeps you updated about the activities of the child and making sure the donations are put to good use. Yesterday i got an update from the child herself some drawings she made. It just made me so emotional for a bit. I just felt so connected to her in that moment, i just can't describe in words. It was just a feeling out of the world and to think it was just a random act of kindness !

I would urge whoever is reading this to do a random act of kindness and feel the feeling yourself. 


  1. wow! my admiration for you keeps on raising and raising. im lucky to know you and have you as my friend!