Friday, November 9, 2012

CSB and Me

It was just by accident that i stumbled across this amazing creation "Crazy Sam's Bloginess" and needless to say i was hooked. I don't mean drop in once in a while to check the updates kind of hooked, it was more like can't complete my day without a bit of crazy sam hooked. I remember waiting eagerly to get to back from work so that i could dive into one of sam's creations.Since i had a lot of posts from the past to catch up on i could satisfy my hunger for a couple of days and then came the wait for that next update. Oh i would check again and again for new updates sometimes even from work where social sites like blogs are strictly prohibited.

I could easily connect to sam's post since it came from a voice which i totally identified with. Being from the same region and having similar roots with sam sort of made me feel closer to him and his way of putting down things, not just making the content relevant but to have it appealing to the reader was just mesmerizing. The wide plethora of things available on CSB made it no less than any magazine. It was my 'Cosmopolitan' you may say :) Reading through sam's experiences at times made me feel secure assuring me that i am not the  alone in this homophobic world and there is always hope out there. I even turned sam for advice , i don't know if sam remembers this but i had once even written to him asking for some advice for a friend for which i didn't think that i would get a reply because you know i thought he had better things to do ! But i did get some very wise words and it just made my connection even stronger with CSB. CSB gave me a reason to cheer every single time i read any post. A reason to rejoice that being gay was normal and i was not alone in this world. It also provided me a lot of information on

I remember one time sam announced he was gonna close down the blog and i was just so devastated but thankfully sam changed his mind and my world was safe again ! After travelling with CSB through gigabytes of information regarding gay culture, issues, experiences i just felt so jubilant and re-energized.I has so respect for sam that i had out him up on a pedestal and kind of worshiped him, I once got the opportunity to chat with sam and i realized that how down to earth he actually is. He is a gay guy just like me having problems like any other gay guy and facing the world on his terms.I remember him saying 'I am just like any other guy'. This conversation just inspired me a lot. I told myself i also need to try blogging and have my expressions laid out for the world to observer. I knew i would never match up to CSB but i knew i had to give it a shot and so i started blogging myself.

CSB is celebrating 5 years now !! All the best to sam and keep it rocking !

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