Sunday, April 7, 2013

What would you do ?

Its been sometime since i have posted something here, mostly the reason in laziness and a whole lot of emotions i have been going through lately. I am currently living in a European city for couple of months and things have been very different and interesting. I will post about my experiences in a later post though. This post is about a US tv show i came across on YouTube. Its called "What Would You Do ?"

The show basically creates an uncomfortable situation in a restaurant or a public space and observes how the people around react to it. Some episodes are related to attitude towards gay people. One of the episode which really touched my heart i would like to share with everyone. 

I cannot imagine people standing up for gay people in india but attitudes in Europe and America are obviously different. Being in the European city, I  myself  have taken some liberties of my own, kissing a guy on a bus stop or holding hands in a restaurant and i was very comfortable doing that without being stared at or at least i didn't even take care to notice if anyone was staring since i was just enjoying this freedom :). So my question to you reading this would be. WHAT WOULD YOU DO ? if you encounter a similar scenario. Use the comment section if you would like to share your thoughts or just think about it.

My personal thoughts, a couple of months back i would have probably kept mum and would not have interfered but now i think i am stronger i would for sure stand up for someone undergoing such heat.


  1. I have tears in my eyes.... thank you for sharing this....

    1. I had the same reaction , your most welcome tony !