Monday, August 9, 2010


I recently went to watch a Hindi Movie titled 'Tere Bin Laden' , the movie was ok, did have its funny moments but i actually went just for the lead actor who is a Pop sensation from Pakistan Ali Zafar. I was just spell bound by his smile. When i later thought about it i realized that the first thing i try to take notice of about any guy is his smile. People always tell me i laugh a lot( why shouldn't I afterall laughter is the best medicine :P ) I am not very photogenic so i prefer to have my pics with all the 32 whites in frame and at times i do look good ! Having a cute smile with a dimple on a guy is such a huge turn on for me.(My Mr Perfet you reading ? :P )

      (Ali Zafar)

As a forwarded message i got staes 'Smile a simple curve which can set all things straight'. How true is it even in an argument a simple sign of a smile can make all the anger evaporate. Having a smile just gives out positive vibes around onself and you can see how people around you also stay cheerful. Even in our chats usage of 'smilies' are so common. At least in all my chat sentences i have a smily :) (see i told you !) Nowadays even smiley badges are becoming a fad amoung youngsters.

(A random Cute smile)

In our fast paced life no one actually nowadays cares to take notice around us , i would like to share with you something  which happened with me at work. I work in a firm which is like 4000 employees strong and hence you only get time to interact with a handful of people who are there in your team. My first day at my office was a bit scary for me because i hardly new anyone around and i was just worried about arranging myself an accodomation in the new city. While i was entering office that day obviously tensed and worried about having to settle in the city, the security gaurd at the gate gave me a smile and wished me Good morning. I just felt so relived although i didnt know that gaurd , the sincere smile from him just made me feel welcomed in the new city. He  asked me why i was looking so tensed and even guided me to some brokers to get an accomodation in the city.

So people just always keep smiling and be cheerful :D


  1. Awww...tht's such a cute & simple story!! Smiles are like the best thing....wen u give a genuine smile, there is a very less the chance the other person won't giv u one back! :)

  2. Exactly phunk , a small smile can go a long way :) .....

  3. aw.. just like that song.. Smile, it can brighten someones day *ok im giving u a full smile too*