Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Work place and Gay Friends

Is it really difficult to have gay friends at work ? I actually don't have any problems with meeting guys from my work but it seems the idea doesn't go well with most guys. Apprehension might be there because of the possibility of the other outing you in front of anyone .I  myself being closeted understand that perfectly well but if we can maintain confidentiality then i see no harm in it.

Recently it happened that i came across two guys on the gay net sphere who actually felt very uncomfortable meeting me after finding out that we work in the same company. Although both of them know who i am because i usually give my real name in chats and after knowing an employees name its easy to find anyone on our intranet, but i was not able to locate either of them. Although i feel a friend within or outside my office makes no difference to me but obviously to them it does. One of the guys has now disappared from my chats as well may be he found it too wierd. Anyways hoping that i do run into those guys some time, till them any hunk in my office is one of them for me ;)