Sunday, August 29, 2010

Apple of My Eye

Heh people time for another one of 'Apple Of My Eye (AOME)' series. For those of who don't know AOME is a bunch of posts in which i rate the guy whodrive me crazy, usually guys belong to the glamor world but in general the public domain. This time its a true hunkie, a model, anchor and an ex Mr India Viraf Phiroz Patel.

I noticed Viraf in one of the ad campaigns of a Aerated drink in India. As always the smile and his laugh just captivated me.Viraf who has been Mr India in 2005 and has been in many ad campaign but again its this Limca ad which caught my eye , got a little bit of digging and found some amazing videos ,pics and facts about him.

For starters he has been in merchant navy. He did anchoring for travel shows as well, to a part in television series and even a stint in bollywood. Being a model he has an amazing body as well, check the below add something about the not so clean shave body really turned me on ;)

Viraf seems to be an active youtube user, he has some video journals of himself uploaded, i found the one below really cute where he is talking about the last day at the shoot of the television series he was part. You can see the sadness on his face is so obvious , may be he is faking it but with a face like that he can fake anything and i am ok with it ;). You just feel he is talking directly to you.

Aww i would just like to hug him and say its gonna be ok sweety Muah muah muah :) (I wish i could do that :P ) I should stop drooling over him and let you enjoy some pics of him i found. Enjoy ;)

Now to rate Viraf on the Apple Meter , viraf gets himself a sumptuous 4 on 5

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  1. Ummm...i think the last guy was better on the bright side, i absolutely LOVED the Limka add!!