Friday, October 15, 2010

I Feel Good

Hi everyone, i know its been a while since i blogged about anything , it had been a couple of all work no play weeks for me, so couldn't get myself to pen anything down. But I'm back and hopefully will be more frequent.

Now for the feel good factor, I went for a date after almost 2 years. Why the gap of 2 years you ask. Well the simple answer would be preparing. I had learned from my last relationship that i was not yet ready to handle a relationship. To be committed to someone in the true sense of it. Being a 'grown up' and not obsessing over silly things.  Hence i preferred to be friends with anyone i met.

Last week i finally went on a date , i was nervous, thrilled, excited and what not. The date went quiet good and i liked the guy a lot as well (blushess : ) ), i might get to meet him again this weekend. Anyways it felt so good to realize that i have finally grown up and meet someone as an adult and not some teenager desperate for attention. So wish me luck guys hope things turn out good :)

chaos for now, i know this is a small post but will be back with more for sure soon.

1 comment:

  1. Jits,

    You are a very matured these days. My best wishes for you da.