Sunday, October 17, 2010

Blast From Past - The Lie

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The Lie

Oh god what did i do ! Why did i tell him ! I should kill myself ! Wait no what did i do ? I just told him the truth. I was prepared for this. He might not speak to me anymore but i couldn't keep it in any longer. May be this is for the best. While i was trying to console myself i was sure L also was going through a trauma digesting all this. I should give me some time to think things over. College continued and i tried to maintain my distance from him but i just couldn't and ended up trying to converse with him at many a time. L behaved as such nothing had happened between us at least in front of everyone but i could feel the distance between us. I was getting miserable day after day and i went into a shell not talking to anyone, not able to concentrate on studies and i started feeling depressed all the time. L must have noticed all this as did everyone else around me. L approached me one day in college and asked "Whats wrong with you ?"

I was so overwhelmed with emotions that i could feel  the waterworks beginning to start. I said nothing and went to the restroom to freshen myself up. I didn't attend the next class and L came looking for me in cafeteria where i usually used to sit to relax. "Why didn't you attend the class ? " L started.

"Nothing, was not feeling well. " I replied.
"You want to go to a doctor or something ?" L asked.
"No, I'm fine just the class is so boring i thought of skipping it."
"Jits i know you are upset since things are not normal between us, but you need to understand this is not easy for me either. I just can't handle when taunted with stupid remarks."
"I understand L, and i don't have anything against you."
"But they way you are nowadays ...."
"See L , i have feelings for you and i just told you because i didn't know what else to do. I know that you can't reciprocate them and i'm not asking you to. I know you can't , I can try to change these feelings L but its doesn't seem very much possible for me."

After hearing this L left and things remained the same for few days, then came some festival in college and celebrations were going on in college, while i was being my miserable self. L asked me to come with him. He had brought his car. He asked me to sit in it and took me for a drive.

A few minutes into the drive L said "I want to tell you something jits."
"All ears L "
"I am adopted jits."
"WHAT ! your kidding right ?"
"No, I'm not, the family i am living with adopted me when i was a few months old from an orphanage."
"Oh gosh ! L but your family loves you L, i don't think they ever feel you adopted."
"Ya they are nice people."
"But L you and your brother, you look so similar , how can you be adopted. "
"Well i had some surgeries "

I knew L was lying, he was not adopted, his looks so resembled to his brother and his father and no surgery can make you look so similar to someone. Why L was lying to me i didn't understand. I thought of playing along and nodded to whatever L was telling me.

We came back after the drive and college was about to get over i went to L to say my usual good bye and wished him bye. His reaction was surprising.