Sunday, July 18, 2010

Blast From The Past - The Incident continued

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With all the mayhem happening around us in that dungeon sort of place a sudden thought crossed my mind. The goon behind me was pressing me against the rails and i felt the cold tip of the chain i was wearing against my chest. The gang of robbers had forgotten to  have a full body scan in the midst of all the commotion otherwise they would have found the gold chain and a gold ring i was wearing, both a present from my mom and dad for doing good in studies at college. But this was no time to get  emotional with pieces of jewelery. "Stop", i yelled at the guys still hammering down on Mr L."Please wait, i have a chain and ring take it and leave us alone please", i tried begging them so that they would stop hitting L. It worked, i felt the guy holding me letting his grip loose and he asked to me to remove the chain and ring."First stop hitting him", i pleaded pointing at Mr L, "You first remove the chain and ring otherwise your friend is not going to be able to walk you understand  ?" barked the goon holding me down.

I obliged with whatever he was saying, what other choice did i have. The guy holding me snatched the jewelry as soon as i had removed them from my neck and fingers and sprinted back to the way he had come, i heard him yell to his fellows to run back with him, i was relieved they were leaving although a bit confused why did they leave in such a hurry ? Thanking god with a silent prayer i went to Mr L after regaining my balance which i had lost when the goon had snatched the valuables from me. Mr L was wounded, although i didn't seen any wounds outside from the moans of Mr L i could make out he was in a lot of pain."L you listen to me ok, i am going to bring some help ok, i will be back in a second ok" i told L although i was not sure how much of it he did hear, as i was about to run to get some help "Don't go jits... it pains a lot", i heard Mr L's strained voice. "L i know you are in pain, but i need to go and get some help, you understand, i'll back in seconds ok". Then i suddenly felt a vibration in my pocket. It was my phone a forwarded message from someone, i had totally forgotten about the phone in all the chaos and apparently so had the muggers. I quickly dialed Mr J's number, his sister is a nurse i thought may be they can arrange for an ambulance  quickly. I told J that L had been hurt and he is in pain and asked him to get an ambulance as soon as he can to the theater, he told me to be with L and told me he will be with us in 5 minutes.

I went back to L who was still on the ground, i was not sure if i should move him because i didn't know the extent of his injuries.All i knew was, he was in pain and i just couldn't bear hearing him moan in pain. "L its gonna be all right the medics are on their way ok", L was holding his stomach with his hands, i figured since the goons were only kicking there could not have been any broken bones as they were just using their feet. "L i want you to try to get up alright ? i am going to try and pick you up understand ?" Mr L was just in pain and he wasn't listening to me. I felt so powerless not being able to help him.I tried to comfort L with my words but he soon passed out with the pain. Mr J arrived in 5 minutes, "Where are the medics" i asked Mr J."Where on earth do you think we are America ? no one sends an ambulance for a teenager passed out in a brawl ok jits" J said, "Whatever we need to get him to a doctor then", i replied to J , he agreed and we picked L up and got him out where J had an auto rickshaw waiting , L woke up when we got near the rickshaw and asked us to put him down. "Will you be able to walk L ? " i asked him. He nodded and with his arms around our shoulders he  made it to the auto . "My head is spinning " Mr L said climbing into the auto . "Here put your head on my shoulder ok", i told him as i climbed in behind him. I asked the driver to go the nearest hospital. Mr J was following us on his bike.We made it to a nearby hospital, i didn't know where to take him, i had never been to a hospital before. I asked the driver where should i take L, he guided me to the casualty section pointing to an entrance which had the sign ""CASUALTY" written in Big letters over it. I asked the driver to stop in front of that entrance helped Mr L onto a wheel chair which was present in front of the entrance but i had forgotten i didn't have any money with me, how to pay the auto driver  and whatever money L had the goons had taken with them. As i tried to think a way out , i heard an ambulance rush in stop in front of us and a body soaked in blood was taken out of the ambulance, the sight disturbed me and i felt the world spinning around me and then everything went black.

to be continued..... 

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