Thursday, July 22, 2010

Blast From The Past - The Revelation

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The Revelation

'Your friend is now going to pay ...... Stop.... You first remove the chain........ your friend is not going to be able to walk .........' wait this is not happening all again, i must be dreaming i thought and then suddenly i felt someone calling my name , my cheeks felt warm as if someone is rubbing them no someone is slapping me, stop it hurts i opened my eyes to see a group of people surrounding me and Mr J was calling my name. I then realized i had passed out because of the bloody scene which had passed before me moments ago, i regained my senses, stood up and asked Mr J where is L, he told me L is under a doctor's scrutiny for any injuries.

"What the hell happened Jits, what happened to you ?"
"Later J, you paid for the auto ? ", J nodded an affirmitive.
"Ok i need to be with L, will explain everything to you later."
"You sure you don't need anything ? you just passed out you know"
"I am ok just couldnt stand too much of blood thats all."
"Alrite, follow me L is with a doc in there."

As i followed J i realized i am going to face one of my worst nightmares, A Hospital. Something about hospitals just freaked me out, was it the smell of antiseptic from the floors or nervous  patients waiting for a doctor or the unfriendly nurses who would scare the hell out of you with Big injections,  i didn't know the exact reason why i was uncomfortable with hospitals but whatever it was i had to put my fears to the back of my mind. L needed someone to be with him.As we reached the room in which L was being examined, i could hear L still moaning in pain.The Doctor came out and told that L is fine, no injuries whatsoever and the pain was temporary just muscle pain and it would pass in few hours or so with some rest.I felt a huge relief, as if someone had lifted a big stone from my chest.J settled the bills with the hospital and we decided to move to L's home as he was given advice to take rest , i was thinking how to tell his parents then i realized no on was at L's home they all had gone for some family event, well at least we have time till tomorrow to think how to tell them.

We reached L's home in an auto and i helped L to his room, J had left as he had some other engagements and promised to be back in the morning, after making L rest on his bed i head for the kitchen , i was starving it was almost 8 in the night and i was sure  L was also hungry, i bought some maggie from the nearby store with whatever i could find in L's drawer and cooked it up. Mr L was asleep obviously tired from the happenings of the day, I tried waking him up but he didn't wake up. I had some maggie to clam my stomach and decided to stay back with L, i called up Grandpa and told him i would be staying over at L's and would be back next morning.L was looking so cute sound asleep like a little baby. I grabbed a magazine and settled down on the floor beside L's bed. I must have been only up for 10 min and i fell asleep.

The events of the day were playing in my mind again and couldn't sleep, when my eyes opened again it was 12 clock in the night, L was not on the bed. Confused i looked around.I went to the balcony and checked , he was standing there looking out into the dark, i could here the waves hitting the shore a few meters away , the ambiance was so relaxing the sea breeze gently blowing and the silence of the night. "You hungry ?" i asked L "There's maggie still left i will make it in a jiffy"."I am sorry jits" whispered L, "Huh ? what sorry ? You feeling alright L", L is still in shock and speaking rubbish i thought."I am fine jits thanks to you, if it hadn't been for your quick thinking my condition would have been worse, i am sorry you had to loose your chain and ring"."Don't be stupid L those things don't matter to me as much as.. " i stopped mid sentence , what am i doing am i going to confess this right now ? "I know, me" L completed my sentence and continued  "that is why i am asking for your forgiveness for that night on the phone". I was surprised with L response he was still looking into the night and not facing me, i went closer to him and put my hand on his shoulder. "L i want to confess something " i decided this was the right time to let it all out.

I poured my heart out to him, i started my revelation by asking telling him that i have always been different from other boys of my age and have never had any good guy friends in my life. I asked him if he knew what homosexuality is about. He nodded in agreement and then i said those words . "L, i am gay"

To be Continued....


  1. Whoa...cliff hanger!! I hope he took it well...just read on some other blog a coming out tales and the end wasn't really good! :(

  2. Well you will have to wait and read to find how it turned out...

  3. Great post!... but im left wanting more!!!

    Love your log!!

  4. @Toy - thanks :) keep tuned in for more :D