Saturday, November 6, 2010

Blast From the Past - The Call

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The Call

"What the F... dude, you still want to talk to me? " responded L with a look of disgust. I was taken aback by this unexpected response. "Sorry, i was just saying goodbye what's the big deal ...." then it struck me. The Lie it was to drive me away ? Have i become this intolerable that he is trying to make up stories to make me hate him.I realised that i had become a torture in his life. I didn't say anything and just boarded my bus. L was leaving in his car.

I was disturbed the whole night thinking about how far i have pushed L away from me, i have made him look for resorts not only to cut me from his life but to totally annhilate me from his life.May be it high time i stopped bugging. Boy this is going to be difficult. I already am miserable, my grades are slacking , god what have i done to my life. Just because one person in my life is not in it anymore ? I just need to concentrate on my studies and not think about L at all, exams were approcahing and i decided to emmerse myself in my books and not let my mind wander on such thoughts. It was easier said than done. I couldn't concentrate , i was thinking about L all the time, i was not able to shut him from my mind.

The phone was ringing which woke me from my trance of thoughts.
"Hi , what you upto ?" it was L.
"Nothing much. Trying to study. You covered all the modules ?" i enquired.
"Na just one, that too just half, i'm not bright like you !" L joked.
"hmm" i gave a lukewarm response.
"Whats up with you, usually you laugh after every sentence." L replied.
"You know what's the reason L, that lie you told me. Have i become this intolerable that you have to lie to me, and just FYI it didnt change my feelings for you any bit. I still feel the same way. I dont think anything you do will change my feelings for you L." with that i disconected the call as i felt a silent tear roll down my cheek. I regret saying those lines to L because not even in my wildest dreams i thought what L did next.

I gave my exams, they went better than i expected and i was free for few days after the exams now and being idle i felt my mind again lost in thoughts of L. I used to call him everyday just to hear his voice the call didnt last much long because L had some backpapers to clear which were still going on and i didnt want him to loose time on my calls.

One day i got a call from an unknown number. I picked the call.
"Hello ? who is this ?"
"Hi Jits, how are you ? This is D"
It was the guy from my college whoose house warming party or rather booze party i had went once.
"Oh hi, how are you. This isnt you regular number, who's number is this ?" I asked.
"Oh a friends number ha ha"
Something sounded wrong. Is D drunk ?
"Are you alright D ? you sound drunk, are you ?"
"Oh ya baby! I am and horny as hell ha ha"
I didn't like the sound of that."Anything you wanted from me D ?"
"How about a blowjob baby ?"
"What ? what the hell are you talking about D?"
"Ya baby, im at my home , why dont you come over and we can have some fun."
"D you are drunk, we will talk later"
"Whats the matter jits, its just for fun jits , we will have some good fun."
"D we will talk later."
"Whats the matter jits, you can give a blowjob to your cousin and not me."
"What ? what the hell are you talking about D" and i disconnected the phone.
I was furious , what does D think i am! Although it was true but it was something which was between me and my cousin and one more person ......


  1. Eeps!!! That's scary!! I missed this come?!

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