Sunday, January 16, 2011

Blast From Past - All out

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All Out

As i came to terms with what had just gone over the phone with D last night, i was feeling betrayed that someone whom i had trusted over the last two year had just blabbered away my confessions to a third person so blankly. It was L, its true that i had done it with my cousin but i t was something that just happened and i was very guilty about it later. I had promisied myself i will not indulge with my cousin anymore because it just didnt feel ethically right. I had confessed all of this to L one day when i was feeling very guilty about the same and had made him promise that he wont share it with anyone else. But it was obvious that L couldnt keep it to himself, he must have blurted out these things to D, there was no other explanation to the lines what D said. I was just so furious with L, i just felt betrayed. The things i shared with him were supposed to be between us.

I just didnt feel like talking to L anymore, i thought of confronting him but then i thought what will be the use he might deny it or accept it , the bottom line is i could not trust him anymore. I was just very angry at him but i was never a person who would create a scene , there was no use of it i decided and just chose to remain silent. This incident disturbed me a lot although i had thought of ignoring L altogether but it was hard doing it when in the same class at college. I felt like talking to L atimes but then those lines spoken by D came to my mind and i just kept quiet. L did ask sometime if anything was bothering as i was avoiding him. I replied 'you wanted me out of your life right, i am just trying to do that' with hurt, anger and sorrow.He didnt reply and started keeping distance from me as well from that point on. Although those lines just came from me without any thought i just figured that may be that is the reason L told D about this so that i loose interest in L and move out of his life. Well if this is what he wanted, he has been sucessful in the same. The more i thought about it , the more hatred started to fill for L in me.

A year passed and me and L moved far apart. Many people noticed the distances between us and asked me if aything had gone between asked to which i just replied we have moved apart. The college was about to be over and i heard that L slept with someone.


  1. Hopefully a girl...i'm talking about L!!

    Hope ur fine!

  2. I am fine phunk coz remeber this is a 'blast from my past' :) i have moved on from L long back... about L well tuned in for the next n final post on this series... :)