Friday, March 4, 2011

Blast From Part - The message

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The Message

It was the peultimate day at college and there was a gettogether at a friend's place, sort of a farewell party with booze and smoke. Since i had always avoided going to such parties i was apprehensive to go to this celebration as well, but all my classmates convinced me into going to it. After college i was gonna leave the city and come stay with my parents before joining  the compnay which had offered me a job. I said to myself why not! I reached the party venue early and people has just started to trickle in. I started a conversation with a group of guys around and that is when i heard those words.

"I cant believe that guy L f**ked that girl. I mean that girl was after some guy and L was after some other gal , in what turn of events did this happen ? ". I was a bit jolted by this remark. I knew guys  boast among themselves about how many gals they have taken to sheets but i knew none of them actually did it.
"What rubish where the hell did you guys hear this from ?" i enquired.
"From the horse's mouth itself. L was quiet drunk the other night when we met him and he just splilled the beans." came the reply from one of the guys.
"And you think its true , may be was just boasting " said someone else in the group.
"I wont say that because he was carrying a packet of contraceptives when we met him that day." replied the person  who had begun this conversation.
"In what all positions did they do it in ? Did he dish out more details ?" started one of the guys and i didnt feel like listening to the conversation anymore and i moved away from that group.

I dont know what came over me after hearing the conversation. I started to somehow feel jealous of the girl. She got to know L in a way that i never had or will. For L i just felt , i dont know how to describe what i felt about L, i still had feelings for him, but i had not yet forgiven him for betraying my trust, and not this reminder that he is straight and i will never have him the way i wanted him. After this incident , just looking at L became sort of a reminder about the fact that i can never have him. I felt relieved i can now finally move on from L knowing that he will never want me as i want him. As college came to closing i came back to my parent's house and then joined my office. I never tried contacting L.

8 months later....

It was 2 am in the morning, i had just come back from cake cutting as it was my birthday. I was too tired and was about to doze off when my phone beeped and the message read. "Happy Birthday." i checked the number and it was not my contact list."Than ks,may i know is this ? " i texted  back. No reply came. I forgot about this incident in the morning and my life passed on as usual.

1 year later...

It was my birthday again and at arounf 1 am in the monring after recieveing all the birthday calls, a messaged beeped my mobile. "Happy birthday." , the message was from an unkown number, it was like deja-vu and i remebered that this happened last year as well. This time i wanted to know who this is. I called the number back, it ringed on the other end. Someone took the call and i knew the voice. "Happy birthday friend, i know you must have forgotten me, but i still remember." came the voice from the other end.

With tears in my eyes i replied "you always make me cry you know that L, thanks for remebering."


Me and L are in touch nowadays on facebook only because we  live very far from each other now. I still at times remeber the time i spent with L and something just fills my heart, is it love or hate for him , i may never figure it out but he remains truly a 'Blast From The Past'

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